First Aid at Work Training Courses

First Aid at Work

We offer the following First Aid at Work Courses:

Level 3 (RQF) First Aid at Work

Sometimes referred to as FAW, this 18 hour, three-day course is designed for workplaces that fall into a higher risk category e.g. engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, construction or that involves the use of chemicals. The FAW also provides comprehensive training for those who are required to be the designated first aider within their workplace.

Level 3 (RQF) Emergency First Aid at Work

Sometimes referred to as EFAW, this is a 6 hour, one-day course and is designed for workplaces that fall into a low risk category. This course can also be used for staff required to be emergency first aiders or for those who wish to support a designated first aider trained via the First Aid at Work course. By attending and successfully completing the first day of an FAW, a candidate can gain the EFAW qualification.

Level 3 (RQF) Forestry First Aid (+F) Bolt-On

We can add a 2-hour bolt on for any of the above courses that looks at specific injuries that would apply to forestry workers and tree surgeons, and the techniques for dealing with them. More details can be found here.

FAW Re-qualification

Provided you are within a month of your existing FAW qualification expiring, you can attend a re-qualification course, which is last 12 hours, rather than the full 18.

The syllabus for each of these courses is as specified by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is fully compliant with The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981.